We have all seen (and likely been a part of) the tremendous growth of cannabis in the past 5 or so years. According to a Forbes Article, This rocket-propelled acceleration of industry growth has had a lot to do with a combination of tedious work by activists and a notable interest by America’s political parties. A recent significant event that has seemingly provided the most change in the industry was the passing of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. This bill effectively legalized hemp to be grown and the hemp-derived products to be sold across the country starting in January of 2019.

The most popular by product of this event has been CBD (cannabidiol). The CBD market has changed its trajectory from shooting towards the clouds to shooing towards the moon. Recent estimates state that CBD sales should surpass $20 billion by 2024. A reason for the astronomically high estimates is the versatility of the compound. CBD is in dozens of different products from beverages, to face creams, to sleep aids, and much, much more. The market has experienced the rapid growth already and will only continue to experience it going forward.

While CBD has been in the spotlight for its monstrous demand and interest growth, another compound found in cannabis is next in line: terpenes. The essential oils found in the cannabis plant, as well as all other plants, are responsible for the distinctive aromatic and flavor qualities, along with numerous therapeutic benefits. A study by the National Institutes of Health have shown that terpenes such as linalool and pinene can produce an anti-depressant effect. These two terpenes are also used to promote sleep and even fight inflammation. These are just two of the nearly 300 terpenes found in cannabis, each with their own potential benefits.

Cannabis has been known for years for its therapeutic benefits, but only recently has it been discovered and now accepted that there has been a behind the scenes player in the wide range of benefits of the cannabis plant. Terpenes on their own have a wide range of therapeutic properties, but the recent discovery of the “Entourage Effect” says that the terpenes provide a synergistic effect with the active compounds within the plant. Besides driving the flavor and aromas of the different types of cannabis plants, the distinctive terpenes within each strain are a catalyst for the host of benefits that cannabis is known for.

With the influx of new, high tech, ultra-refined cannabis products to the market, a void has been opened. That void is the terpenes that are commonly lost in manufacturing processes due to their highly volatile states, commonly being lost at very low temperatures. Manufacturers of products are now looking at adding terpenes back into their products at the end of their extraction/distillation/refining processes in order to maintain the benefits, flavor, and aroma that consumers are used to in the cannabis plant.

It is not just cannabis products that are creating demand for terpenes. Due to their benefits on their own, terpenes are being used in products such as teas, candles, aromatherapy, cocktails and more. A bar in San Luis Obisbo called The Sidebar has recently started shaking up their cocktails with terpenes in order to bring in the wide range of flavors that terpenes provide. Terpenes have only recently seen a surge in interest as more and more is being found out about the wondrous compounds.

From its aromas and flavors to its therapeutic effects, terpenes’ versatility and demand are showing incredible opportunity for companies looking to add value to their products as well as the average consumer looking to spice up their own products. Check Out Tierra Terpenes’ products Here or Contact Us to see how we can help you add value to your products.